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As part of our mission to create incredible, exciting and engaging markets; it’s our pleasure to share some transparency about how we’re developing as a team and some of what we’re working on.

Football Index is unique, and a huge part of what makes it special is co-creation with our customers. We always strive to find a balance between giving consistent experiences while refining the product to meet the needs and feedback of our users - and users that wouldn’t otherwise engage with us. Change can be challenging but it’s often essential to improve and grow.

As we’ve grown, we’ve experienced some of the challenges of a rapidly growing customer base and team, and we’ve taken steps and reinvested heavily to ensure that we hire great people to build a great market that people will love to Trade on. The voice of the customer remains a key input into our decision-making and strategy, and we’re delighted to continue Trader panels on a monthly basis moving forward.  

Roadmaps are living documents - sometimes affected by new information or opportunities, urgent issues that appropriately change priorities, and because estimating development is an imprecise science.

With that caveat, we're happy to talk about some of our work in progress and some of the projects and ideas that are priorities in coming months, and why we think they are the most important things for us to work on.

We take a holistic view of development at Football Index, prioritising around five pillars:

Trading Tools

• Automated Goalkeeper Dividends and filters to show them in the Match Day Rankings.

• Automated Team of the Month Dividend payouts, alongside individual footballer and a new TOTM rankings screen in the app and website.

Data analysis and research tools to help you find more opportunities.

“Age of Shares” filters in Portfolios to help you manage In-Play Dividends and identify bets close to expiry.

Portfolio valuation options so that values and P&L can be quoted against “Mid-price”.

Improved UX for Rankings, Portfolio, footballer profiles and across the platform.


Offer your Shares for sale at a custom price. Liquidate bets more quickly without crossing the market to instant sell, or use your knowledge to predict higher prices and sell in the future.

• Rolling out a Nasdaq matching engine.

• An improved auction-style IPO process where Traders can bid over a period of time to try and secure Shares in the latest talent added to Football Index.

• Addition of Market Making tools and interfaces to accommodate Market Makers and Liquidity providers.
Trading Tools for customers are the core of our platform. Ideas for Trading Tools are prioritised to give our users the tools and incentives to Trade a vibrant, logical and credible market.
Improve and enhance transaction technology.

Trader Experience

Safer Gambling functionality to help ensure customers spend within their means, and stay in control of their gambling.

Improved Payment options to make the process smoother, easier and more reliable.

• Self Service KYC and additional data sources to improve Due Diligence and Affordability customer experiences.
Continuing to improve Trader experience by streamlining onboarding and customer interactions.


• Improvements on our Customer Support Admin tool to improve the customer service experience by making common queries easier to resolve.

Improved football content and data management tools to keep the platform current, consistent and correct.
Building and maintaining our internal infrastructure and software to manage our customer base as it grows.


• Building a platform for scale and remaining reliable, and accommodating substantial growth.

Security and engineering excellence.
Enhancing and scaling our platform architecture.

Share Expiry

Share expiry is an area that’s been subject to discussion many times and we’d like to give clarity on it:

In Q4, we’ll add tools to filter Portfolios by age so that you can easily manage your positions over several windows of time to focus on In-Play Dividends, Shares that might be approaching three years of age, or just manage your Portfolio.

We’ll email customers regularly before their Shares may expire.

No Shares will be expired before 2021.

Further in the future, we’ll evaluate tools to help customers renew their Shares easily.

Team of the Month (TOTM) Rankings and Goalkeeper Dividends

Team of the Month is already generating healthy debate and exciting betting opportunities. To improve this new part of the Dividend offering:

TOTM Dividends will be automatically paid and recognised in stats next month.

A new TOTM ranking will be displayed in the App and on the website so that Traders can track the rankings as the month progresses. 

Goalkeeper Rankings in Match Day Rankings.

Goalkeeper Dividends will be paid out automatically, on time, from the start of the Premier League.

Further in the future, historical rankings data of all types will be browsable.


Offers will give a great opportunity for Football Index markets to become more efficient and more relevant in their pricing.

By allowing customers to choose the price they are willing to accept on a sale, customers will have more control over their Trading activity as it will present clear strategies for liquidating Shares depending on whether the Trader’s priority is a quick sale or a higher price.

We’ve formed a progressive communications plan for the roll out of this functionality that will begin to be published in the next two weeks and will expand as the release date gets closer.

We’re very excited about the improvements that these updates will deliver to the Trader experience and growth of Football Index. These priorities may shift from time to time, as they should in an agile organisation but with the best interests of the company and Traders alike at its heart. We’re looking forward to a bright future.