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The Bid Zone and the Offer Zone

The Bid Zone is the price range in which you can bid for Shares in footballers.

The upper limit of the Offer Zone is 50 pennies above the Buy Now price. The lower limit of the Offer Zone is 1 penny above the Instant Sell price. You can’t place Offers outside of the Offer Zone.

How does buying and selling at the market price work?

Buy Orders placed at the market buy price (Buy Now) will match instantly with the lowest-priced Offers.

Sell Orders placed at the market sell price (
Instant Sell) will match instantly with the highest-priced Bids. 

How are Buy Now and Instant Sell prices calculated?

The Buy Now price (market buy price) is calculated using the average price of the cheapest 900 Shares offered for sale by Traders and/or Football Index issuance. This allows Traders to buy the cheapest Shares available.

Depth of Market

Depth of Market shows you how many Bids and Offers are currently placed at different price points for each footballer on Football Index. You can access Depth of Market on player pages.
 The blue column represents the Bids currently placed to buy Shares in a player and the red column represents Offers that Traders have placed in order to sell their Shares.

Remember, Bids are Buy Orders placed when you want to buy Shares at a given price. Offers are Sell Orders placed at prices you want to sell Shares.

Depth of Market shows the 5 best price points for Bids - the cheapest prices you can buy Shares in the footballer. Similarly, we will be showing the 5 best price points for Offers - the highest prices you can sell your Shares in the footballer.

The Volume shows you the quantity of Shares available in Bids or Offers at each price point. The Total will be released soon, and this will show you the total amount (in pounds) of all Shares available at each price point.
Order Books allows you to place Buy Orders and Sell Orders on footballers. The ability to place Bids and Offers, at prices you choose, gives you greater control when making Trading decisions.
You are able to place up to three Offers per footballer on the platform at any one time (with a maximum of 300 Shares per Offer).
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The Instant Sell price (market sell price) is calculated using the average price of the highest priced 300 Shares available through Bids. This is to allow you to sell your Shares at the highest available price.

Why use Depth of Market?

Depth of Market provides Traders with additional visibility and transparency of the order book. It shows the volume of Shares available at each displayed price point. With this, Traders can see the EXACT number of Shares that need to be bought or sold to move a player’s price (up or down depending on Bids or Offers), and can also see how the Buy Now and Instant Sell VWAPs are calculated.

Depth of Market shows the ACTUAL DEPTH in the footballer at the displayed price points. A deeper market, i.e. a footballer with larger volumes at the displayed price points, means you’ll be able to liquidate your Shares more easily without prices moving too much. Similarly, a market with less depth means there is greater potential for prices to escalate rapidly and potential for greater capital appreciation.