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The Matching Engine is going to give you more control over the price you want to Buy and Sell Shares. Rather than accepting the prices displayed on the platform, you can set a maximum limit on how much you want to purchase a Share for (Bid).

Let’s say you want to Buy 100 Shares in Odion Ighalo. Each share is priced at £1.85 - but you think you can get him for a lower price. Bids are powered by other Traders’ Instant Sells, and Igahlo’s last performance wasn’t strong, so you’re predicting a slight sell-off.

Rather than Buying 100 Ighalo Shares at £1.85, you place a Bid on 100 Shares at £1.70. The funds, plus commission, are taken from your balance straight away.

Other Traders Instant Sell enough Shares at your Bid’s value. Your Bid is successful and 100 Ighalo Shares are dropped into your Portfolio for £170.

Some of your Bid was Matched with other Traders’ Instant Sells, and you got a portion of the Shares. Let’s say 50 Shares of your Bid were Matched - you’d receive 50 Ighalo Shares. The remainder of your Bid will stay active until it’s Matched or it's Cancelled.

Your Bid isn’t Matched, and no Shares are purchased. Your Bid remains Unmatched until it’s Cancelled, and we’ll refund you in full (including commission) immediately on Cancellation. Bids don’t expire, so they’ll need to be Cancelled actively.

Note: You’ll be able to place a maximum of 10 Bids per footballer at any one time. Each Bid can be up to 300 Shares.

You’ll still be able to Buy footballers at market value with Buy Now, the Matching Engine is an additional way to Buy on Football Index. The Sell Queue will remain the same until future Matching Engine releases. 

That’s the Matching Engine - more control over how you Buy and Sell footballers on Football Index.

The wait is almost over. The highly anticipated Matching Engine will be going live at 15:00:00 BST today (22/05/20).

There will be a period of market downtime from 06:00:00 BST to 15:00:00 BST (on 22/05/20) to finalise the platform upgrades and allow Traders to prepare for the launch. During this nine-hour downtime period, all Trading will be temporarily suspended on the platform. However, you will still be able to deposit and/or withdraw.

From 00:00:00 BST on 22/05/20 until 23:59:59 BST on 30/09/20, there will be 0% commission on all Bids placed. Even if your Bid matches after the exclusive 10-week Promotion Period, you will still not be charged commission (providing your Bid was Placed before 23:59:59 BST on 30/09/20). Don’t miss out!

For more information and FAQs about the Matching Engine, please click here.


You’ll be charged a 2% commission on Bids. However, until 23:59:59 BST July 31st, 2020, Bids will be completely commission-free - so try out the Matching Engine soon! You won’t be charged commission when you use the standard ‘Buy’ option

For a Bid to be successful - it needs to be Matched. Bids are only Matched when other Traders make an Instant Sell.

The price you'll see in the red Sell button on the Index (the Instant Sell price) is an average of max 300 Shares that come from the highest Bids. When a Trader Instant Sells Shares, the highest Bids for those Shares are Matched.

Bids are Matched based on price (highest Bid first). If multiple Bids are the same price, then by time (First In First Out).
As the Instant Sell price is an average of max 300 Shares, selling any fewer than 300 Shares might result in a higher Instant Sell price. This is because the highest Bid may be higher than the average price, and Instant Sells always go to the highest Bid first.

There are now three possible outcomes:

Each footballer will have a minimum price for which you can place a Bid. This will vary for each footballer, and will initially be around 60% of the Buy Now price. There will also be a maximum price for the Bid which is one penny below the Buy Now price at the time of placing the Bid. The price range that you can place a Bid on is known as the Bid Zone. You won’t be able to place Bids outside the Bid Zone.

Here's more information on placing bets using the Matching Engine.

This 0% Bids Commission Promotion (the “Promotion”) is offered to you by BetIndex Limited (“BetIndex”, “we” or “us”). By participating in the Promotion, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which apply in conjunction with the Football Index Terms of Use and Game Rules.

1. This Promotion is offered in conjunction with the new Football Index matching engine (the "Matching Engine"), allowing users to place bids to purchase Shares at a maximum price from other users on the platform ("Bids"). The Promotion operates as a limited period during which BetIndex will charge 0% commission on Bids placed using the Matching Engine.

2. The Promotion runs from 00:00:00 BST on 22/05/2020 until 23:59:59 BST on 30/09/2020 (the “Promotional Period”).

3. The Promotion is only valid to: (a) verified account holders and (b) customers aged 18 years or over.

4. To qualify for the Promotion, place Bids using the Matching Engine during the Promotional Period.

5. In the event of any dispute regarding these promotion terms and conditions; the administration, conduct or results of the Promotion; and/or any other matters relating to the Promotion, the decision of BetIndex shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into. Failure to comply with these promotion terms and conditions may result in your disqualification from the Promotion.

6. Duplicate accounts will not qualify for this Promotion. BetIndex may determine at its sole discretion whether it believes different entries or accounts are connected to the same person, using whatever methods it deems appropriate.

7. All withdrawals are subject to audit by BetIndex. We reserve the right to reclaim any bonus and/or cash reward and/or any winnings, and/or close an account, in a situation of obvious abuse or fraud.

8. The Promotion is limited to one entry per person, family, household, email address, IP, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit card), and shared computer (e.g. public library or workplace).

9. Participants, whether individually or acting in a group, will be found to be in breach of these terms and conditions if BetIndex at its sole discretion has reason to believe that the Promotion has been abused, manipulated, or that irregular, fraudulent, collusive or illegal activity has occurred.

10. In the event of any breach of these terms and conditions or a participant being ineligible to participate in the Promotion, BetIndex reserves the right to take such action as it deems appropriate and in its absolute discretion, including but not limited to account closures; disqualifications from the promotion; reclamation of bonuses, cash rewards, winnings or prizes granted; refusing all future promotions; withholding associated winnings; and/or voiding associated stakes.

11. Events may occur that result in BetIndex extending, refusing, reclaiming, cancelling, terminating, modifying or suspending the Promotion, these terms and conditions and/or the awarding of prize(s), bonuses or cash rewards at any point and for any reason. These may be due to a third party's illegal activity, technical difficulties and/or any other reasons beyond the control of BetIndex and accordingly the entrant agrees that BetIndex shall have no liability as a result thereof.

12. BetIndex disclaims any liability for inaccurate information or payouts, whether caused by the website, users of the Platform, equipment used in the Promotion, or by human or technical errors related to the Promotion. BetIndex does not accept responsibility for network, computer, hardware or software failure of any kind, which may affect the sending, receipt or processing of your entry or qualification for the Promotion. BetIndex will not be responsible for any postponement or cancellation of the Promotion to the extent such occurs for reasons beyond BetIndex’s reasonable control.

13. BetIndex may at any point before, during or after the Promotion, ask for verification documents for due diligence purposes. If you are unable to produce such documents you will automatically be excluded from the Promotion and will forfeit any prizes or rewards that have been allocated or awarded to you, without compensation.

14. Employees of BetIndex (or their families or households), or any group company of BetIndex, companies associated with BetIndex and all affiliates of such companies, are not eligible to participate in the Promotion. BetIndex reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.

15. The promoter of this Promotion is BetIndex Limited, registered in Jersey under the number 119040 and having its registered office at Suite 32, 4 Wharf Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NR.

16. The Football Index Terms of Use and Game Rules apply. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these promotion terms and conditions and the Terms of Use and/or Game Rules, they shall prevail in the following order: (a) Terms of Use, (b) Game Rules, (c) these promotion terms and conditions.

Last updated: 09/07/20 at 17:30:00 BST

Full Terms & Conditions: 0% Bids Commission Promotion

Want to know how the Matching Engine will work?

Watch the video below to learn more about our Matching Engine

Frequently Asked Questions

Both apps (iOS & Android) and web platforms (mobile and desktop) will be updated to integrate the new Matching Engine.

To continue Trading on either of our apps (iOS or Android), you’ll need to update to the latest version which will be released today (22/05/20). All older versions will cease to work once the new update is released.

We anticipate that both Android and iOS apps will be ready to update/download before the 15:00:00 BST launch. We will notify you when both apps are ready to download today (22/05/20) via push notification and through our social media channels.

All Traders will be able to use the web platform from the 15:00:00 BST launch time.

Please note we have updated our Game Rules. In order to continue Trading on Football Index after the launch at 15:00:00 BST on 22/05/20, all Traders will need to accept our updated Game Rules as prompted upon logging in.

For additional FAQs and more information about the Matching Engine, please click here.

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