Trade between 10th March 2020 and 23rd April 2020 and you’ll receive 8.25% of your Net Buys (up to £1,500 cash) straight back into your Football Index account on 24th April 2020.

Double Dividends

We'll be DOUBLING Dividends from today (10th March 2020) up to and including April 3rd 2020 on Media, Match Day and In-Play payouts.

You will be paid any Dividends you win as normal. You will then receive a separate payment later the same day to double your total dividends.  This second payment will be an aggregation of Match Day, Media and In-Play Dividends as one payment - giving you DOUBLE the Dividends.

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To account for the potential cancellations and postponements of matches we will be LOWERING the threshold on the number of matches required for all Match Days until the end of the season.

Gold Match Days are now days with 10+ football matches, Silver Match Days are now days with 4-9 football matches and Bronze Match Days are now days with 1-3 football matches.

Please find a detailed breakdown below:

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Case Studies

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Happy Trading!

Happy Trading!

A word from Football Index Founder & CEO, Adam Cole:

After my letter to Traders last week regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to update you on further steps we are taking to mitigate any impact on our market.

Thankfully, Football Index is largely uncorrelated to financial markets that have seen tremendous challenges in the last week. Just as the central banks are working to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on economies, likewise we are looking to minimise its impact on the Index.

We have a three-step plan which is set out below. It is our belief that the measures we are taking will provide stability and bring confidence to the market. 

My thoughts and those of my team at Football Index remain with anyone impacted by COVID-19. We wish you and your families well in what may be an uncertain period, particularly away from football. 

Enjoy the rest of the season and keep a lookout for further updates from us soon.

Onwards and Upwards.

 A word from Football Index Founder & CEO, Adam Cole:

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Buy and sell Shares in footballers for real money. Profit from your football knowledge by buying low & selling high, and winning Dividends along the way.

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Moving the Gold Posts

£1,500 Trading Bonus

£1,500 Trading Bonus

Net Buys are calculated as Total value of Shares bought minus Total value of Shares sold during the Promotion Period. 

I.E. if you were to buy a total  £5,000 of Shares and sell a total £2,500 of Shares, your Net Buys would be £2,500 and your Cash Bonus would be £206.25.

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We will be releasing our Euros offering, as originally planned, in the middle of April. We are aware that there may also be some disruption to the tournament but will await further developments before publishing our contingency plan.

What happens if the Euros are cancelled?

Why did you pick 8.25% for the Trading Bonus?

After careful analysis and risk management, our Risk Operations team concluded that 8.25% represents a high value and fiscally responsible offering for all customers.

If I have negative Net Buys during the Promotion Period, will I qualify for the Trading Bonus?

No, to qualify for the Trading Bonus, you must have positive Net Buys during the Promotion Period (between 00:00:00 GMT on 10/03/20 and 23:59:59 BST on 23/04/20).

If I have negative Net Buys during the Promotion Period, will I qualify for Double Dividends?

Yes, the Trading Bonus and Double Dividends are separate promotions. If you have negative Net Buys, you will still win Double Dividends should you win Match Day, Media or In-Play Dividends between 10/03/20 and 03/04/20.

Can I buy Shares in any footballer on Football Index for the Trading Bonus?

Yes, Shares bought and sold in all footballers on Football Index will be amalgamated and will count toward the Net Buys calculation.

Do all Shares in my Portfolio qualify for Double Dividends?

Yes, all Shares in your Portfolio that qualify for Match Day, Media or In-Play Dividends between 10/03/20 and 03/04/20 will receive Double Dividends (not just new ones).

What happens if there are widespread football match cancellations?

If more than 50% of football matches from our Eligible Leagues are cancelled, we will re-assess our position.

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