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Market Update



Buy and sell Shares in footballers for real money. Profit from your football knowledge by buying low & selling high, and winning Dividends along the way.

Market Update


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Firstly, we have the results of our last Football Index Trader Survey, a huge thanks to all who participated. It has been tremendously useful. You can see a summary of the results here. We are acting upon the results as follows.

Dividend Table – This will be published on Thursday 9th July 2020 and will be in force from publication date through to the end of next season, at which point it will be replaced with a new Dividend Table for the following season. This new table will mark an increase in payouts and as ever we aim to deliver the most competitive returns to our Traders whilst operating with a responsible and sustainable risk management strategy. We will continue to offer In-Play Dividends for next season.

Match Day Matrix – The Match Day scoring matrix will remain the same as it is today for the 20/21 season. This was a close run question in our survey, with a significantly higher satisfaction rating than the Media Monitor. Those requesting change probably don’t all share the same vision of what the changes should be, and there was a majority who either 'didn't know' or 'didn't want to change'. Consequently, we’ve determined to leave this matrix unchanged and to review again for the 21/22 season. We would like to thank all who contributed to this debate.

Media Monitor – This will be changed for next season. All the changes will be designed to deliver results that most Traders would intuitively consider to be correct. We are working hard to make this as effective as possible and will post further information in the month of July with the improvements we plan to make.

Also in July, we have planned a series of further updates to Traders in order to give additional details on our roadmap of new features. From NASDAQ and offering Shares to sale to our IPO process and plans to timestamp Shares, we want to offer further insight and information to our loyal Traders.

On the latter point of timestamping Shares, I should make clear we want this in place later this year, and we will not 'expire' any Shares until 2021 at the earliest. As stated, we will provide more information as part of our July communications. In any event, we will never make sensitive changes without significant notice to our customers.

Market Liquidity, Offers, NASDAQ – This is quite a big topic so I have written a separate article, to find out more especially about market liquidity please click here.

Once again I thank you all for your support, you are the most passionate community of Traders and together we will make this an exceptional platform.

Onwards & Upwards

Adam Cole
Founder & CEO of Football Index

Dear Traders,

Football is back! The worst of COVID feels as though it’s behind us, and the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A are all on track to finish the season. In fact, we’ve an unprecedented run of wall-to-wall football straight through next season, the Euros and on into the 21/22 Season. An awesome prospect!

Let’s turn our attention to Football Index and what we’re delivering to our Traders for next season. We appreciate that in these uncertain times Traders are seeking as much certainty as possible from their football Trading platform.