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With the changes announced earlier this week, you’ll notice some alterations to Football Index Order Books. All of these changes are intended to stabilise the market whilst Traders familiarise themselves with how Order Books work, and not as long term solutions.

These changes will be implemented and tested during the market closure after 23:00 this evening (Friday 18th September 2020). During the market downtime, you will be able to log in, deposit, withdraw and use our safer gambling tools, but you will not be able to trade. 

Whilst the implementation of the changes is underway during the market close you may notice some testing activity in the market. However, this is for testing implementation purposes only and no actual trading will take place.

What to expect:

- You’ll notice less fluctuation in your Portfolio value. The introduction of a 900 Share VWAP means there are more Offers taken into account when calculating the Buy Price. We previously calculated the Buy Now price from the lowest 300 Offers, so you’ll notice the value rise as the Offers taken into account increases.

- We expect the market to significantly stabilise. The introduction of an Offer Zone floor 1p under the Buy Now Price will prevent Traders from placing drastically low Offers. Low Offers can drive footballers’ Buy Now prices down, triggering uncertainty and instability in the market.

- You’ll have more flexibility on Bidding. Now that the Bid Zone Ceiling has been increased to £100, Traders will have more flexibility and control over how the Bid - and subsequently, how they Trade.

- During the weekend new versions of the iOS and Android applications will appear in the App Stores to optimise the new experience. Until you have updated your app we strongly recommend using the mobile website via your phone browser, or the desktop site. 

Other than that, we’re hoping that these changes will allow Traders more time to get used to Football Index Order Books without worrying that their Portfolio is losing value.

Happy Trading!

Market Update