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Football is different all over the world. The style of play in La Liga is different to the style in Ligue 1. Footballers who struggled in the Premier League can flourish in the Bundesliga. Style matters, which is why we’re moving to a Dividend structure which rewards genuine on-pitch performances. We want our Dividends to reflect the beautiful game as much as possible.  

We're introducing league-based Match Day Dividends. Whether you’re a Bundesliga boffin, a Premier League pro or a Serie A specialist - craft your Portfolio around the leagues you know best.

How it Works

Footballers will now compete for Match Day Dividends within their own league. This means that, on an eligible day, there’ll be Match Day Dividend winning footballers from each position for each league. If Mbappe wins Top Forward for Ligue 1, Haaland can still win Top Forward for the Bundesliga.

We’re also introducing tiers into Match Day Dividends. We’ll be paying out on 1st AND 2nd place footballers for all outfield positions on Silver and Gold Days (see below).

Payouts will still be based on Gold, Silver and Bronze days, which will be based on the amount of games played in each league. This means that different leagues can have different prestige levels on the same day: it could be a Gold Day in the Premier League and a Silver day in Serie A.

Gold Day: 8+ matches 
Silver Day: 5-7 matches
Bronze Day: 1-4 matches

Ultimate Star Player

We’re still paying out Star Player on every single Match Day. Star Player is the single best performer across all the eligible leagues on that day, based on Match Day scores. It doesn’t matter how many games are being played that day, we’re rewarding the best footballer.

The new Dividend structure will go live Monday 5 April 2021, and there’ll be a market downtime which we will confirm closer to the date.

A New Direction

Traders have been asking for tiered Match Day Dividends for a while, and we’re delivering with this restructure. The introduction of a tiered structure sets us up to create the perfect, football-centric MD model in the future.

With this in mind, we’ll be removing Match Day Extra and Team of The Month Dividends, and focusing instead on creating the best Match Day and Media Dividend structures possible while remaining fiscally responsible. Putting our energy into football-based product enhancements is the way we’re going to grow at FI.

Leagues is how we’re going to reward Traders for specific football knowledge. At the moment, there are four winners on any given Match Day. Leagues creates the potential for payouts on up to 36 footballers. More regular winners on Football Index will incentivise Trading activity, liquidity and market growth.

It can be a huge barrier to entry for fans if they don't have knowledge of certain leagues when they join the platform. This new structure breaks down that barrier, simplifies the competition and allows Traders to focus on what they know. Don’t know a thing about Ligue 1? With Leagues, it doesn’t matter.

The change gives us the option to introduce other leagues in the future. Championship? Eredivisie? Primeira Liga? These are awesome opportunities for future IPOs, better ways of rewarding a broader football knowledge and giving greater value to footballers lower down the Index by allowing footballers to compete with others on their level.

A switch to a league-based structure also gives us more weight when moving into other territories.

A Different League

The Leagues Table

Here’s how our new Dividends will be structured. Match Day Dividends will still be a standalone Dividend, and our new Star Man Dividend will be awarded to the best performing footballer out of all the leagues on a given day:


What happens to Team of the Month and Match Day Extra?
Team of the Month:
March will be extended to April 5th (including fixtures on the 5th) with payouts on the 6th. The deadline remains the 21/03/21. To account for the extra days in the month, we’re increasing payouts by 20%. Here are the payouts for March TOTM:

Match Day Extra:
Final week starts on 2nd April and ends on 8th April. Payouts will be on 9th.

When will Leagues Dividends be paid out?
Traders have to purchase Shares before 16:00 (London time) to be eligible to win Match Day Dividends on that day. We’ll pay out Match Day Dividends between 09:00 (London time) and 11:00 (London time) the following morning.

Does the Star Player payout change based on the number of games being played?

How will the restructure affect the Euros?
We’ll be announcing how Dividends will be paid over the Euros in the coming weeks.

Can there be different prestige levels in different leagues on the same day?
Yes, it can be a Gold Day for Serie A and a Silver Day for Ligue 1 on the same day. 

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