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We’re removing In-Play Dividends from Football Index.

As of the end of the Trading day on the 7th of February 2021, Shares bought on the Index will no longer be eligible to win In-Play Dividends when players score, assist or keep clean sheets.

In the interim, we’ll continue to pay out In-Play Dividends - including on the 7th of February. After the 7th of Feb, there will be no more In-Play Dividend payouts. For example, if you bought Shares (before the daily deadline) on the 1st of February, the player you bought would be eligible for In-Play payouts up to and including the 7th of February, but not after the end of Trading on the 7th.

The final IPD payout will fall on the 8th of February.

The removal of Dividends will allow us to focus these funds on more healthy market stimuli.

In-Play Dividend Removal

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