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Like all other betting companies, when you register on Football Index we are required to verify your identity (known as KYC) as part of our license with the UK Gambling Commission.

When your deposits and/or withdrawals reach a certain threshold, we are required to ask for further documentation. This process is known as 'Enhanced Due Diligence' (EDD).

Three types of documents may be requested by us as part of our EDD process. If you have already provided us with any of the following documentation, you will not be asked to do so again.

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Verification Documents

To prove that the level of deposits to your account is affordable, we may ask for proof of earnings.

  • Payslips/P60/Tax Returns;

  • Statements showing withdrawals from savings and investments; 

  • Director remuneration/dividends;

  • Copies of bank statements/savings account clearly showing consistent deposits from an identifiable source;

  • A Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds;

  • Dated proof of an award/payment made to you;

  • Dated proof of the sale of an asset such as a house or car;

  • Other clear evidence that would support "affordability" in relation to your deposits with us.

Any of the below forms of personal identification are suitable for verification:

Driving License

(UK only)

A valid UK driving license which shows your name, date of birth and residential address.


National ID Card

(UK only)

A valid passport showing your name and date of birth. 
A valid National ID Card that displays your name, nationality and date of birth clearly.

Proof of identity

It would be great if you could provide us with a valid driving license that shows your full address. If not, please try to provide a copy of your passport together with a utility bill from within the past 3 months showing your current address. Also, please ensure that all four corners on the document are visible and the information is not redacted in any way.

Proof of earnings

This is an integral part of our commitment to Safer Gambling at Football Index. When asked, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide the required documents at your earliest convenience.

Proof of ownership of financial instrument used on your account

We may also ask you to prove that you own the debit card used to make deposits on your Football Index account. Please provide a copy of the front and back of your debit card, blanking out the the middle part of the long card number, leaving only the first 6 and last 4 numbers visible. Please ensure you blank out the CVS number on the back of your debit card.

If you add a new financial instrument such as a debit card, please send us a copy so that we have it on file. We operate a closed loop policy meaning that deposits and withdrawals should be to the same payment method. Withdrawals may be delayed if we do not have a copy of your new payment method on file.

You can send these documents by submitting them in the submission form here or by sending an email to with your documents attached.
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The UK and Jersey Gambling Commissions have suspended our operating licenses.