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Hello Traders,

The headline is simple. We’re tearing up the 20/21 Dividend Table that delivered a 30% uplift and replacing it with a new table delivering a Dividend increase of approximately 100% compared to last season.

Doing a U-turn isn’t easy. But in the fast-moving, tech-driven world in which we live, sometimes it has to be done. Of course in doing so we’re inescapably acknowledging that we didn’t get it right the first time.

Firstly and most importantly, we have taken all your feedback very seriously – you are all stakeholders in this business and we listen. As accountants we budgeted a “generous but sensible” 30% Dividend increase. 
This decision was heavily influenced by COVID and the unpredictable headwinds of the global pandemic.

We’re making some big changes to the platform that aren’t easy or trivial. We feel that it’s right to value and reward your support at this moment in time. It’s also important that we focus on our growth next season and maintain the extraordinary trajectory we have achieved over the last couple of years to cement our place as one of the UK’s top fintech platforms.

I'd like to especially thank the entire Football Index team for their hard work and their outstanding handling of COVID - an extremely difficult and challenging environment. Our business has come through the economic challenges posed by the pandemic and enforced off-season with a significantly stronger financial footing today than we had initially anticipated. This has allowed us to be even more generous in our Dividend outlay.

We are a unique and innovative platform that has generated considerable returns for many Traders over the last five years. I’m determined for that to continue.

Betting & Trading isn’t easy. In the new regulatory environment betting operators could well be forced to disclose ‘customer losses’ in a similar way that retail brokerages and spread betting companies do (scroll to the bottom of IG Index or Plus500 for instance - in both cases 76% of their accounts are making losses). We would welcome and support this as a very positive initiative and reality check. 

To briefly address some of the feedback we’ve had, I’d like to remind Traders that every penny of revenue generated by Football Index has been re-invested into growing this business, and that will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. As far as I’m concerned, the growth and success of Football Index is intensely personal. 

However, as Football Index grows, I feel it’s now important that I take a significant step back from adding my ‘personal’ element to our communications. Going forward my ‘fireside chats’ will be managed by our new Communications Officer. They will be factual and less open to speculation and misinterpretation.

Despite that change, be under no illusion - this business will always be intensely personal to me and I will continue to work with my every fibre to ensure its, and your continued success.

In the next fortnight, we’ll release a further announcement about the introduction of Offers to accompany Bids. With Nasdaq and our new auction-style IPO process also on our delivery plan for 2020, the coming months will see hugely exciting advancements to Football Index as a product in terms of capability, reliability and crucially scalability.

That’s enough from me.

Onwards and upwards!

Adam Cole

A word from Adam Cole

Dividend Review

More Media. Every day.

Media Dividends were the first Dividends we paid out on - and they hold a very special place at Football Index. We made it a top priority to change how Media was calculated which we addressed in our review, and now we’re boosting payouts too.

Media Day payouts are increasing by 33% compared to last season on Media Days, and by a huge 67% on Match Days.

Based on our calculations, we’re looking at an increase of approximately 100% in monthly Dividend payouts to existing Portfolios compared to last season (our November 2019 review). This includes the forecasting of Team of the Month Dividends and Goalkeepers.


Massive Match Days

Put against the November 2019 review: Forward, Midfielder and Defender Dividends have increased by 100% on Bronze and Silver Match Days, and 75% on Gold Match Days.

If you include Media Dividends and Goalkeepers, total daily payouts on Bronze Days have increased from 11p to 22p - that’s 100%. Silver sees an increase of 19p to 39p - that’s an increase of 105%. Gold Match Days are going up 83% from 35p to a whopping 64p.


Match Day


Match Day


Match Day

In-Play. Doubled.

Traders have stated how much they love In-Play Dividends. So we’re making them even better.

We’ve DOUBLED In-Play Dividend payouts across the board - that’s another 100% increase.

Don’t forget, 5x In-Play still applies until the end of September. That means from 12/09/2020 it will be 10p for a Forward/Midfielder goal, 20p for a Defender/Goalkeeper goal, 10p for every assist and 10p per Goalkeeper clean sheet.


Here. We. Go.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’ve successfully weathered the COVID-19 economic storm. We want to maintain our amazing trajectory of growth at Football Index.

All this means we are updating our Dividend Table for 2020/21 - and we’re confident all of our Traders will be happy with our changes.

Our new Dividend Table for 2020/21 will go live on 12/09/2020 for the start of the Premier League season.
Calculations are based on the % change in Dividends when comparing our new Dividend Table (for the 20/21 season) to our Dividend Table from November 2019 (last season's Dividend Table).

Media Day

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